The Rebuild

I have come to realise the beauty in loosing everything; all that makes you who you believe yourself to be.
To be stripped bare of all that you’ve strived for so that you are left with nothing but the most integral parts of your being. For then you are left with only two choices.
Fall apart; become a luckless remnant of the soul you had once been, sink deeper into despair and allow yourself to feel nothing but the emptiness of loss.
Rebuild; find the fundamentals of yourself and start from there. Begin with your hopes and dreams, passions and values, and allow them to shape you, creating someone new.
There’s a power in starting over. It’s like taking the key to the entire world and choosing what you wish to unlock. What you wish to harness about yourself and allowing yourself to become whatever you choose.
There’s an advantage in loneliness that allows you to stand for opinions which are all your own. There’s a hope that comes from a blank canvas of any possibility you allow yourself to dream. You can take the pen in your hand and write which ever story empowers all that you are and reach for stars previously unseen.
There’s a beauty in having nothing left to lose and everything to gain.

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