Why I put off travelling to write a book

This time last year I had big plans to travel and explore the world. I’m not the sort of person who wants to travel for a holiday. I want to be immersed in culture, I want to learn new things and visit more than just the tourist destinations. I want to feel like I understand every place I visit.
I worked hard, knowing it would take a lot of saving to get where I wanted and for how long I wanted. I worked six day weeks, long and stressful shifts, leaving myself with little to no creative energy. Almost every cent of my pay went into my savings account.
I thought that if I had enough money I could get on a plane and go find myself. That’s what you’re suppose to do in your early twenties, right?
Things got rough for a while, I left my job tired of working hard only to be degraded, I landed myself two new jobs neither of which worked out, but I started writing more. I had time and energy to dedicate to write and it made me feel more alive then working “a real job” ever did.
After a while I realise I had the opportunity to give my all to my writing. I had enough savings to take some time off working and just write; the one thing I have always known I wanted to do is be an author.
I had a few false starts in the past which had made me reluctant to put my everything into something as risky as writing a book, but this time was different. I felt like I had nothing left to lose, except myself and write kept that in check. I had a new mindset and determination.
I had also figure out that there is no finding yourself; you are who you choose to be every single day. So I chose to be the person who works for her dream.
That’s how I ended up slugging away writing and editing, completing another writing course, finances dwindling, and no closer to leaving the country than I was this time last year. The world can wait, it will still be there in the future, but the part of me that thrives on telling stories can’t. It’s the one thing that gets me through all the tough times and the place I find the most joy and satisfaction. I have the right mindset now to be successful and I’m passionate about every word I write, that’s why travel can wait.

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