Note to Self #2

What comes next isn’t the end.
You have such a hard time remembering that. You want to map your entire life out now and stroll right on through. You want to choose exactly where you should be in the next moment in a hope that it will determine everything that comes after, with no setbacks or failures. You want to make all the RIGHT choices but you’re not even sure of what you want.
Stop it. You’re forgetting the most important rule!
Your life can be changed at any moment.
You’ve already proved that to yourself; isn’t that why you’ve committed yourself 110% towards writing your novel?
The amount of money you have now doesn’t affect how much you’ll have in the future. Your friends will come and go, but the most important ones stick around and are there in the big moments. Your family will support you through thick and thin, you know that. You can move. Pick a place, doesn’t work out? Move. That doesn’t work out? Try again. Want to go back to university? Why not? You know you can get in. Want to travel all around the world but not sure where you want to go yet? That’s ok, get a passport and when you decide get on that plane.
Somethings will work out and somethings won’t. That’s life. Knowing all the answers now would take the fun out of it.

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