Note to self #5

It’s hard to pursue a dream no one can see but you. It’s hard knowing the odds aren’t in your favour and feeling like no one else is on your side. The head nods and “ahh”’s you receive when they ask if you’re still writing that book or not doing something else yet.
The girl I was a year ago would have given up by now. She cared too much about what everyone else though and very little about herself. I’ve become someone who is almost the opposite of who I was then. This may be the only time in my life that I can be selfish, why wouldn’t I take it?
Why wouldn’t I be willing to sacrifice everything I have for the chance at the life I actually want?
It comes down to one simple fact; if you aren’t happy with the life you have, you have to turn it into the one you want. That’s why I keep writing when it feels like I can’t. That’s why I wont give up even though I know the majority of my world thinks I’m wasting my time.

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