Eleven: When in doubt, read

If you’re not a reader, you haven’t found the right book. You haven’t experienced the beauty of being transported to another world through words on a page. Reading gives you an escape from your reality. Readers are more companionate, spending hours in someone else’s life will do that to you. And, reading can inspire you in your own life. You might not enter The Hunger Games and have your morals tested in the most brutalway, but you can find the strength to do something you’re afraid of. If Katniss can take on a dictator, or two, why can’t you slay your own inner President Snow?
After years of being labelled a nerd, and a clear memory of being told Harry Potter is for boys, I am proud to be a reader. I am proud of who I am because of the books I’ve read. I’m proud that I can find strength in books no matter how old I am. If the Cranks try to tell you otherwise, throw a book at them, something hard. Maybe, they’ll become better people through osmosis. Or don’t, they might throw harder than you, all that time in the real world doing things outside…
Reading gives me a place to go when all else feels lost. I might not know a lot about life, but I do know I will always find a home inside a good book.

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