Ten: Twitter Trolls are the Dementors of the muggle world

Twitter is a lovely place. A place where opinions are shared, friendships are formed, and haters attack when you write something you think can’t possibly draw attention to you. Personally, I’m a creeper. Scrawling through reading other people’s thoughts. That’s why I have two accounts. One for connecting with other authors and talking about my writing life. The other for finding things on my timeline and fangirling over my favourite band.
It’s not often that I come into contact with keyboard warriors, you’re pretty safe if you don’t actually write anything, but I often see them targeting others. Or as I prefer to think of it; attempting the Dementors Kiss. Trying to suck the soul of another for no reason other than their own pleasure. As any good Defence Against the Dark Arts student knows Expecto Patronum, or in this case refusing to feed the darkness with more hate, usually works. And if not, there’s always chocolate. They can’t win if you have chocolate.
I’ve learnt to take a conscious approach to not being a Dementor. You never know who may see your indirect or be offended by the language you use. Spread light and love, not nasty comments.

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