Eight: A day of Netflix can be exactly the therapy you need

“Just one more” she says as the countdown ends and the next episode begins. “I’ll do it right after this” he mutters as he puts the next disc into the DVD player. Before either of them knows it, the moon has replaced the sun outside either windows and they are left with that feeling of having achieved nothing for an entire day.

Have you ever thought back to that day and that feeling? Or are you too busy every day after it to linger on the way it felt?

I believe a binge day is a free form of therapy. Yes, I feel that stomach-tightening self-loathing and wish I’d spent the hours more productively. I also find that in the days after I feel refreshed. Inspiration flows and I get things done quicker than if I’d spent the whole week stressing over how to spend every hour wisely. Perhaps, I’m just lazy. I’ve learnt to live a slower life, taking time to do things for me and not let being busy for the sake of it take over. I know what I want to achieve in life, I’m getting closer every day, but sometimes I need to turn my brain off and have a “I’ll do it tomorrow” mentality. If everything is done when it needs to be, if you work hard and give 100% to everything else, what’s the harm in enjoying an afternoon with your favourite characters in your pyjamas?

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