Six: Characters can help you figure yourself out

You know that feeling when you open a book and find a character that just makes sense. You can understand their motives even when it’s to the point of obsession. When you leave that character you close the book feeling like you’re leaving a piece of yourself behind. These are my favourite kinds of books, even if only because the character made sense.

These characters help me figure out my own motives. Do you ever think; why am I trying this? Why do I do this? Why am I addicted to something I shouldn’t be? How to I move pass this thing that is in my way?

Sometimes you get lucky and find a character who says; “I’m in this situation and I know what it feels like”. It’s almost as though somewhere out there is a writer hoping to remind you that you aren’t alone. The character can get past the obstacle in their way and you can too. In them you found a little piece of you, something to take with you when trying to figure out what you want, who you are, and if they can do it you can too.

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