2017 Writing Goals

I’ve spent the first twenty days of 2017 wondering if I should write this post. The reason I haven’t yet is because my writing goals for this year are to continue on how I finished my last. They aren’t particularly inspired or introspective, and probably mean little to anyone but myself. But, as they say, the thing that’s on your mind is probably the thing you should do, so here goes:

  1. Get my debut novel published. The most relevant goal for all writers. I feel like it’s quite self-explanatory, especially if you’ve followed my blog for a while.
  2. Continue to build my brand. I feel like recently I’ve really discovered my niche, the kind of writer I want to be and where I fit. A big part of branding in our modern world is portraying that online. This may be my weakness, but it’s something I’m determined to work on.
  3. And finally, continue to grow as a writer. Consume everything. Write every day. Meet other writers. Attend writing events. All of that, but most importantly continue to love my art and explore new parts of it. I think all of this makes us better people as well as better writers.

That’s my goals for this year. Sticking to a motto of “keep it simple, stupid” and maybe I’ll actually achieve one or two within the next twelve months. What are your writing goals this year?

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