Remember all the talk at the end of last year about how 2017 would be different? All the changes that would happen, some for the better, some for the worse, but a global acknowledgement that no matter what it wasn’t the end.
For me 2017 sure has been different. I’m still trying to decide if that’s for the better or worse.
I’m an introvert. I thrive on the quiet moments. The times I can get lost in my head or words on a page. The time for doing that has been limited lately.
I’ve moved to a whole new town, lost a friend, struggled financial, had no phone reception or wifi, and started a new relationship. It’s only April – noting that it doesn’t feel like it could possibly be 4 months into the year. Time has flown, and I’ve felt as though I’ve hardly had a moment to myself.
I’m hoping there is a lull in the chaos for a while. I want time to get back to what’s important to me and my future. I want to get lost with my characters and keeping writing towards my dream. I know I have to get a “real” job and the time I will have to dedicate to writing will be less than it was last year, but even if it’s only for me, writing is important. My art matters. I’m determine to make the time for it.

That’s life though, I suppose. Always something going on, entirely out of our control, and all we can do is focus on what gets us through; be it art, dreams, or a person. So, for better or worse, this isn’t the end.

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