Writing Genius (n.) – a person who can sit in front of a computer screen or empty notebook and words flow from their fingertips in the perfect order to create an entire world from nothing. Usually experiences prolonged feelings of insanity, in which they may find themselves believing they are some kind of God or that they are writing the most important words ever written. Once this feeling subsides the writer often experiences a slump usually driven by the fact that rereading their writing leads to the realisation that they are in fact human and their writing is indeed rubbish.

Rubbish Writing (adj.) – the first draft of any novel, short story or piece of writing written by anyone ever, before it has been strenuously edited. A feeling that may overcome a writer whilst rereading their work and lead to feelings of failure and a why-bother attitude. This feeling is more of a state of mind than an actual fact, but can only be overcome by vast amounts of work and effort. It is important for the writer to remember that ever writer feels this way about their work, and that it is actually a characteristic of a writing genius to be able to recognise the flaws in one’s own work.

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