And so 2018 has begun.

I’ve heard a few people call it the final book in the trilogy; the one where we defeat the monster. I’m not sure exactly which monster is meant by this; global warming, Trump, or time itself? I honestly think this is probably the reality of our world now, perhaps humanity has gone too far down one path to live in a world without uncertainty. But I like that there is hope in this analogy. We could all use a little more of that.

To recap 2017, it was mostly a flaming pile of dog turd (much like 2016 before it) but it had its diamonds. For me personally, the last year felt like test almost every day. I was hopeful in the beginning, and then things got tough, but I fell in love and my newest fur baby arrived so it wasn’t all terrible. I spent more time stressing than writing, but I saw whales and cuddled my newest baby cousins – those are the things I’m choosing to focus on.

As they say; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I feel as though I’m entering 2018 more ready to take on the world than ever before. I’m tired of the mundane and going through the motions, this year I’m going to paint my life in all the colours. Some of those will blood red and pit stain yellow, but some will be the passionate purples, the calm blues, the positive pinks and the greens of nature. Only together do they make a rainbow, and it’s only through finding rainbows that we take down our monsters.

The hope we feel entering a new year might be sappy and clichéd, but there is a reason clichés exist; human experience is universal. We’re all in this together, so bring on another year fraught with uncertainty. We already survived all the shit on toast that came before, 2018 will be a piece of cake.

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