I’ve done it. I’ve finally accepted this thing known as ‘adulthood’. I’ve taken a deep breath of reality, and decided I can’t keep surviving off the great perhaps.

Perhaps, one day I’ll get my book published.

Perhaps, one day I’ll be a successful author.

Perhaps, one day I’ll have enough money to afford an avocado…

I’ve lived this way, fuelled by dreams, for all of my adult life. I’ve struggled with trying to pursue my fantasy while having money for a life on the side. But, this year I’ve decided things will change. I’m officially studying something other than writing. Something that might one day allow me to fill a whole fruit bowl with avocadoes. And, most importantly, allow me to pursue my crazy dream without struggling to support my family.

This is it; the beginning of my acceptance of reality. Wish me luck and sanity.

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