What’s life without a little risk?

Or in my case a whole truck load of it.

Risk seems to have become a theme in 2019 for me. Honestly, it’s been a long time coming. I’ve owed myself a lot of chances, I’ve missed a lot of opportunities and had to live with regrets. But not anymore.

This year I have chosen to be braver. To put myself first and do the things I know will make me happy. I only have this one life after all, I’m tired of wasting it.

Personally, this year I plan to put love first. The real, unconditional kind that I deserve. That kind of love requires sacrifice, but gives back tenfold. I’m one of the lucky ones to have found it and I will follow it wherever in the world it leads me.

Professionally, it’s time to put my talent out into the world. My writing is not perfect. It’s messy and raw, but it’s real. My art matters. My voice matters. I’m not going to waste the abilities I was given out of fear anymore. I’m going to tell my stories, and I will tell them proudly.

Olivia Moss & Ty Collins VS The World is a novel I began back in 2015. It is the result of hours of hard work and endless tears. It will break your heart, refuse to apologise, then break it all over again. Olivia and Ty are not the perfect characters. They aren’t always likable. They are flawed and hollow, and warm and giving, all at once. You can read it online for free, because I owe this story a place in the world. The link is below.

So here’s to the risks worth taking, may your life be full of wonder and self-belief. Happy Valentine’s Day 2019.


Olivia Moss & Ty Collins VS The World is available here:

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