The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

**Minor Spoilers!**

Rating: 5 out of 5.

From the halfway mark I knew I had found my new favourite book. This book is an earth shattering, gut-wrenching take on the meaning of being human.

Three hundred years ago, Addie LaRue made a deal with the gods who answer after dark. In exchange for the chance to live a thousand lives, for as long as she chooses, Addie loses her ability to leave a mark. No one remembers her, not even her family. Her photo cannot be captured. She cannot keep any possessions. She cannot create music or appear on film. Everyone she meets forgets her with the closing of a door or the heaviness of sleep.

The life Addie lives is lonely. One of hellos but never goodbyes. One of first meetings but never tomorrows. Her life is full of heartbreak. No matter how many times she falls in love, she will never be remembered long enough for it to matter.

And, every year, the devil offers to end her pain in exchange for her soul.

Their war the only continuity she has. His voice the only one who can say her name.

Her lonely road takes her from Paris, to London, to New York and everywhere in between. She has lived through wars, seen masterpieces created and known the greatest artists in history. She lives a hundred lives all leading her to him. Henry.

Her one chance to find love. Because Henry remembers.

Henry can say her name.

Henry can go days without seeing her and still knows who she is.

But the dark lingers between them, as Henry doesn’t have many days left.

Because Henry made a deal of his own.

Henry has already traded his soul with the devil who answers after dark.

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