Hannah Stait Wurth is an Australian author and copywriter living in England. Becoming an author was never a choice for her – something that began as a way to entertain her younger brother and with an obsession with imagining herself in the Harry Potter universe. Hannah moved to the U.K. in 2019, following her heart to the man of her dreams, who she met under rather unusual circumstances – the kind that are normally found only in novels or dreams themselves.

In 2019, she published her contemporary YA debut, Olivia Moss & Ty Collins Vs the World. 

Hannah is still adapting to life without her writing companion, an opinionated pug named Muffin, and is currently working on her YA Fantasy series, The Occultist’s Archives. The first book in this series has the working title, A Root of Twisted Fury, and is currently in the editing stages. She refers to this book as Mara Dyer meets a Six of Crows-esq motley band of ‘friends’ stuck in an inescapable town, featuring at least one bi-love triangle.

Contact via email; hannahstaitwurth@gmail.com