Redefining Success

When I decided to write my manuscript fulltime I had a very different idea about what would define success to the opinion I have now. By the end of 2015 I had finished my first draft. The next eight months were spent editing, getting feedback from readers and other writers, having my manuscript professionally appraised, [...]

Writing Genius (n.) – a person who can sit in front of a computer screen or empty notebook and words flow from their fingertips in the perfect order to create an entire world from nothing. Usually experiences prolonged feelings of insanity, in which they may find themselves believing they are some kind of God or [...]


Remember all the talk at the end of last year about how 2017 would be different? All the changes that would happen, some for the better, some for the worse, but a global acknowledgement that no matter what it wasn’t the end. For me 2017 sure has been different. I’m still trying to decide if [...]


Recently I lost a friend but that isn’t the focus of this post. (I hope one day it is something I am able to write about but as of now the reality is too raw to begin to find words for.) I want to write about the way the world stops. Everything you believed right [...]

2017 Writing Goals

I’ve spent the first twenty days of 2017 wondering if I should write this post. The reason I haven’t yet is because my writing goals for this year are to continue on how I finished my last. They aren’t particularly inspired or introspective, and probably mean little to anyone but myself. But, as they say, [...]

Writing Characters out

Writing Characters out

For me the decision to erase a character’s existence completely is harder than writing a death scene. It is often necessary to make the story the best it can be. During the first draft, characters may be spread thin, one for each role and often this leaves the story feeling disjointed. I wrote two major [...]

Getting words on the page

Getting words on the page

The hardest part about writing is writing. You can know your story inside-out but sometimes getting those words from inside your head onto the page feels impossible. These are the five things I do to get the words flowing. Know your best time to write. Some people are more productive in the morning. Others, like [...]

My Mind Matters

When you take writing classes, or even scrolling through Pinterest, as an unpublished writer you are bombarded with the idea of creating an online identity for yourself. A platform to collect an audience and eventually promote your books. This is a concept I have struggled with since I took a “Building your Author Platform” at [...]

Note to Self #1

This is only your first novel. You plan on writing until the last breath escapes your lungs, right? You can’t imagine what it would feel like to not spend the vast majority of your time living in a fictional world with people of your own creation, right? You want this to be a career, right? [...]