Note to self: don’t ever attempt an international move mid pandemic again.

Twice was more than enough. Yup, we moved internationally twice in the last year during covid. Correct, we are crazy. The first move was back to Australia in the hope things would be easier there. When covid hit the UK in March we didn’t qualify to travel back together, as my then fiancé isn’t an [...]


I’ve done it. I’ve finally accepted this thing known as ‘adulthood’. I’ve taken a deep breath of reality, and decided I can’t keep surviving off the great perhaps. Perhaps, one day I’ll get my book published. Perhaps, one day I’ll be a successful author. Perhaps, one day I’ll have enough money to afford an avocado… [...]

Redefining Success

When I decided to write my manuscript fulltime I had a very different idea about what would define success to the opinion I have now. By the end of 2015 I had finished my first draft. The next eight months were spent editing, getting feedback from readers and other writers, having my manuscript professionally appraised, [...]


Today I got my first rejection for my current manuscript. It’s not my first ever rejection and I know that when it comes to writing being rejected isn’t usually a reflection on your work. Having your manuscript accepted is all about finding the right publisher at the right time, but rejection still stings. I wanted [...]


Every day I wake up with a bone deep, soulful yearning. I ready myself to delve deep into my imagination and craft colourful picture with words that come more naturally from my fingertips than my tongue. I tell myself to satisfy that urge to write, to hold onto it as a fuel source and let [...]

The Waiting Game

I took a step forward in my journey to becoming a published writer this week. I hit send and released my manuscript into the great unknown. I have every confidence in my story, I allowed other eyes to cross-examine it before taking this chance, but I don't think it will ever stop being terrifying that [...]

Writing Characters out

Writing Characters out

For me the decision to erase a character’s existence completely is harder than writing a death scene. It is often necessary to make the story the best it can be. During the first draft, characters may be spread thin, one for each role and often this leaves the story feeling disjointed. I wrote two major [...]

Getting words on the page

Getting words on the page

The hardest part about writing is writing. You can know your story inside-out but sometimes getting those words from inside your head onto the page feels impossible. These are the five things I do to get the words flowing. Know your best time to write. Some people are more productive in the morning. Others, like [...]