Recently I lost a friend but that isn’t the focus of this post. (I hope one day it is something I am able to write about but as of now the reality is too raw to begin to find words for.) I want to write about the way the world stops. Everything you believed right [...]


Every day I wake up with a bone deep, soulful yearning. I ready myself to delve deep into my imagination and craft colourful picture with words that come more naturally from my fingertips than my tongue. I tell myself to satisfy that urge to write, to hold onto it as a fuel source and let [...]

Getting words on the page

Getting words on the page

The hardest part about writing is writing. You can know your story inside-out but sometimes getting those words from inside your head onto the page feels impossible. These are the five things I do to get the words flowing. Know your best time to write. Some people are more productive in the morning. Others, like [...]

Note to Self #4

There was never a time you didn't feel the urge to write. So much of your life you spent putting that need second. Second to school, to fitting in, to friends, and then to work and relationships. Every time you put it second you felt like you were sacrificing a little part of yourself, didn't [...]